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Our Values


Our cumulative experience in producing metallic hardware for fashion may be easily identified as our most valuable asset. Nowadays, thanks to our experience, Ema can meet the needs also of most demanding customers.


In order to foster the satisfaction of our consumers, Ema has always focused on processes’ innovation and quality. In this sense, internal processes are constantly and scrupulously check by our quality control office in every moment. In doing so, we hope to ensure our consumers the highest quality over time.


In order to realize products tailored to consumers’ requests, customers’ are involved in every aspect of production and in every production phase. In particular, this dialogic relationship allows us to show consumers all the production processes in order to explain how it could be possible to coniugate craftsmanship with new technologies. Hence, craftsmanship is a fundamental resource for us to ensure quality to our customers.


Constant innovation in regard of processes has never been neglect by Ema owners. In fact, only by merging innovation with our tradition it is possible to offer our customer high quality products in reasonable time. In addition, innovation allows us to monitor al the production phases over time.


Since the birth of our company Ema has always focused on sustainability of its practices. In particular, on the one hand Ema constantly tries to improve working conditions by adopting the following worldwide best practices. On the other hand, instead, Ema has undergone several audit process to reduce its environmental impact.

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