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Our History

"Ema has always produced accessories with passion and quality..."

Ema traces its roots back to forty years ago, in fact the company has been founded by Rino Rialti and his wife in 1974. The ‘casus’ for the creation of the firm is linked with previous experiences of the founder in the same sector.
In the first part of its existence Ema has been one of the many small workshops operating in the Florence area. During the 90ies, the owners, despite the small dimension of the firm and the macroeconomic’s difficulties of those years, approved an expansion plan for the firm, in fact it was in 1996 that the firm moved to our new headquarter and it was during the 90ies that the company reached it’s current dimension.
Nowadays Ema, currently managed by Maurizio and Luca Rialti, is one of the leader of its sector, effectively being one of the most innovative firm producing metallic hardware for fashion. The main reasons of this competitive position is linked with the ability of the to combine new technology and knowledge from the past.

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